Saturday, March 2, 2013

Software Requirements 2 PDF Download Ebook. Karl Wiegers discover effective techniques for managing the requirements engineering process all the way through the development cycle including dozens of techniques to facilitate that all important communication between users, developers, and management.

Without formal, verifiable software requirements and an effective system for managing them the programs that developers think they’ve agreed to build often will not be the same products their customers are expecting. Inside this book, requirements engineering authority Karl Wiegers amplifies the best practices presented in his original award-winning text, now a mainstay for anyone participating in the software development process.

This updated edition features new case examples, anecdotes culled from the author’s extensive consulting career, and specific Next Steps for putting the book’s process-improvement principles into practice. You’ll also find several new chapters, sample documents, and an incisive troubleshooting guide.

This book discover how to set achievable expectations for functionality and quality, business rules into application development, employ use cases to discover user requirements, arrest creeping requirements and manage change requests, deal with requirements on maintenance, outsourced, and package solution projects, curb the impulse to gold-plate your programs.

The book's commonsense approach provides exemplary project management skills tailored to gathering and refining, implementing, and eventually tracking software requirements. While the book often cites recent software engineering studies, the focus always returns to practical management techniques. A case study for a chemical tracking application frames the book, and most chapters begin with anecdotes that demonstrate situations in which users and developers misunderstand each other about a software project's ultimate goals.

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